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Delay Issues And Fullscreen Stuttering Problems.


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My cousin got a new computer and he decided to download Warframe to play with me. However, he has a lot of problems with the game at the moment. One of them is a delay between moving the mouse and actually getting a response from the game. This happened during the tutorial, and it happens when he aims down his sight in some grineer ship levels.

The other issue is heavy stuttering when the game starts in fullscreen mode. This is partially fixed when he uses multithreading, but still worries us since it shouldn't happen at all.

Here are the specs of his computer:

6Gbs RAM

2.4GHz i5 CPU

And a 2GB AMD Radeon video card. I forgot what model it was, but it's fairly new.


Game runs without any problems in windowed mode, and with everything maxed.

I run the game without any issues on a much older computer, so it's kinda weird for him to have this sort of problem. We already defragged the game and checked the integrity of the game cache, and we found no issues at all.

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Warframe's vsync implementation causes a fairly extreme level of input lag for me. If you haven't done so already, try turning it off.

Yeah, turned it off. There's still a ridiculous amount of input lag when looking at certain objects or places in a room. The tutorial room is a really good example of that. As soon as my cousin got out of that room and started killing the Grineer, the lag was gone, but if he looked back, the delay would come back.

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anyone having a problem of performance when in fullscreen? I like playing in full screen and notice so much lag when in full screen. I have realized that putting the game into windowed makes the performance back to normal. I used to able to play it in full screen at like 50-60 fps. Just wondering if anyone has this strange issue. /: 

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Running an ACER V3-571G with NVDIA GT640M graphics card, i think i tweaked everything from drivers to settings. Same thing, when I play in window mode and max out everything the game is fine. However,  if I try to go on any full-screen mode it has unbearable stuttering problems. 


What's frustrating about this is my wife is using an ACER 5830TG(a lower model machine) with a GeForce 540m but never had problems. Even when playing at defense missions her rig runs warframe  better than mine and in full-screen. We've been trying out a lot of things to troubleshoot this problem to no avail. 





FINALLY!!! found a way that could work around this. 


-on the warframe launcher before you hit play  open settings(cog icon)  untick  DirectX 11 then hit ok. 


-launch the game! this worked for us, hope it could help you guys out as well.

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