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Discord Nitro Perk - 7 Day Resource Booster Available Now!

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This month's 7 day Discord Nitro Booster is now available! A Free 7-Day Resource Booster is now available with Discord Nitro. Claim yours through the discord app under the Nitro tab or on the 'Discord Store' tab in the Warframe Discord!

Note: that the Ash Nitro Bundle is now available again if you didn't claim it before - the Bundle includes:
- Ash Warframe
- Ash Koga Skin
- Nikana Ryu Weapon Skin
- Centuria Syandana
- Gazal Armor Bundle
- Discord exclusive Color Picker
- 7 Day Affinity Booster

You can find more details on the monthly Discord Nitro perks and the Ash Nitro Bundle here!


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I'm experiencing difficulties with Discord's weird claim system. The "Add to library" button has a red circle with a slash cursor when I try to claim the booster. At the top it also says "In library", but I don't have the booster in-game.

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