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(XB1)Tucker D Dawg

Arbitration - no drones.

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Just did a 90 min arbitration - didn't see a single drone.

  • - Grineer Ship tileset
  • solo
  • infested
  • I was Octavia w/Wyrm

I started thinking around the 10min mark that I hadn't seen one, so then I started to pay attention (having nothing better to do between interminable 10 minute "reward" cycles).  I never saw one.  I never saw an enemy with the red outline.

For the most part I was just invisi-cheesing with a melee - not bothering with any abilities.  So I figured well, maybe if they don't see anything, they don't spawn - so then I tried Octavia's 1st - nope no drones.  Then her second. nope no drones.  Then I shot some enemies with my non-silenced guns - nope no drones.

I explored the map looking to see if I could find one hidden or stuck in a doorway or something.  Nope no drones.

Good thing I never needed to revive anyone lol.


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Posted (edited)

For what it's worth, I finished a 30 minute arbitration around the same time you posted, but it seemed fine.  Full squad.

Edited by (XB1)DakVoidcloaker

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