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Let our Sentinels roam, give them some personality?

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55 minutes ago, (XBOX)YoungGunn82 said:

Still think this would be so nice! 

That would be great.

I'd almost wonder if it could be similar to the Emotion modules for MOAs, except in this case you'd have more unique personalities like what you've suggested!

  • Of course along with any animations, I think that they should be able to "crouch down" with you as well when you want to avoid getting spotted in a mission somewhere. All the sounds they could make could still be silent enough to not alert enemies though. There's a lot of variety they could have with Sentinel customization if it were implemented.


I can't think of much better than those personalities; I'd love to see it happen, perhaps as part of Pets 2.0 :)

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On 2019-05-16 at 4:11 PM, (XBOX)YoungGunn82 said:

Let the Sentinels we own roam.

Some examples could include: 

Hellios- floats around scanning random things

Carrier- Roomba cosplay 

Wyrm- lounging on random things

Dirgia- teasing your kubrow/kavat

Taxon- fidget spinning 

Deth cube- making random pew pew sounds

Djinn- hanging out in the nidus room, lounging in the hemilith chair randomly. 

Shade- acts shy, hides in random places around our Orbiter/Liset, plays peek a boo.

Would make our Orbiters/ Liset feel more alive. 

Thank you. 

Hello, Darkness my old friend.


Yeah, it's unreadable. Don't do this...




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