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Rebecca Prime


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Okay, one the one hand, it's nifty you'll be having a weekly thing.


A few notes though:


First up, scheduling nightmare. Supposing standard livestream length(1 hour, 15 minutes), debuting at 7pm is going up against jeopardy and wheel of fortune, the two most popular non-affiliate shows on the planet. Worse, being on thursday, with that time frame, it also puts you up against "The Big Bang Theory", the top rated show overall. Considering the density of population that lives in eastern standard, that will put a huge dent in viewership.


Worse, that's just eastern. Your time frame will still be at:

4 pm in the afternoon for california(another huge chunk of population),

4 am for india,

7 am for china

1 am for europe.


While there's obviously always some scheduling issues, it would seem like 7 pm est is probably quite bad.


Secondly, whichever name you're officially going with, you should make the name themey to warframe(since we already use "prime" so often...). At the very least, it should be Time Prime, or some variation that, being the standard usage.


Lastly, it would be nifty if the art department could conjure up some Time Prime(or whatever it will be called) swag for in-game... I suppose having a standard alert would also be cool, but having swag alerts for it would also be nifty, and kind of randomly interesting, particularly since most of the world will be experiencing friday for the 24 hour period surrounding it(not everyone is on board with spending friday night tending to alerts). While "real" alerts are always cool, it would be a nice touch--syandana with a logo(analog clock with gold fenders on the face!) or something. That way, it's still something to get people interested, but not something people will regret massively if alerts on friday aren't their idea of a good time.

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