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Let's talk about Jovian Concord Lore!

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As everyone I'm sure is aware of, the Jovian Concord comes out next week(most likely on Tuesday).

Based off of the name of the content update, the Jovian Concord, and the details within the update thread, we'll be dealing with Alad V and his sentient-hybrid monstrosities.

But, how is it that this is a possibility? Let's take into consideration the whole timeline situation. Alad V in this update is current Alad V, but everyone questions where his scarring is. Sentient's are quite known for adaptability as well as healing(?), so it would make sense that since Alad V made a deal, and with that deal, his infestation scarring would be fixed.

Let's look at the name. The Jovian Concord.

Jovian's meaning is: In relation to Jupiter or the God Jupiter(Roman Mythology. The God Jupiter's name is also Jove). ( https://www.dictionary.com/browse/jovian )
Concord's meaning is, in layman's terms, basically an agreement/covenant with someone, or in relation to harmonious tunes. ( https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/concord )

Based off of this, it could be determined from the name that Alad V(obviously) made a deal with something as close to a 'god' as you can get in relation to Sentient's(like Hunhow, Mother, Lotus, etc). A sentient, but perhaps not Hunhow, as Hunhow seemed to absolutely despise Alad back in the day. But what kind of a Sentient could Alad have made a deal with? Perhaps one that is buried underneath the clouds of Jupiter. A literal god of Jupiter laid beneath the clouds, waiting for someone to tunnel their way through the ever shifting and extremely destructive clouds of Jupiter, something not even that sentient beneath can withstand.

Feel free to discuss things in this thread.

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Well, considering we need to have completed Chimera to fight the flying dude, I would guess in the timeline it comes after that.

As for Salad's scarring, he had shown signs of healing during TSD quest, so it's not out of the question by the time he starts working with Sentient tech he's more healed. We aren't given a concrete answer how long it is between quests and such.

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