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Hosting Pvp Will Bug The Game Ui


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Whenever I return to the main menu after I hosted a pvp match, I have to close the game and kill the process in the taskmanager

The mission map is bugged and I cannot start a new pvp match after this.


Another problem in pvp occurs after the round ends and apparently the sentinels can kill you, because sometimes I spawn dead in the next round

I'm pretty sure it's the sentinel doing the killing because I can hear it shooting and it doesn't occur when players don't have any sentinels.

Though in the 150-250 CC and 1000-1500 CC map in between rounds you can just kill players before the round starts and that leaves them dead for the next round too.


The killcount should also get fixed, because when someone leaves the game all of a sudden I go from 40-2 Kill-Death to 16-5 and the profile statistics sometimes do not save at all, I killed over 2000 players, but my profile only has 134

What sometimes happens too is that I get killed, but it counts 3 deaths instead of just 1


Hope to see this get fixed soon because it's a drag to have to restart the game 100x a day even though it's worth it xD

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