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Hotfix 10.0.5 + Hotfix 10.0.6


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- Fixed News & Alerts panel disappearing randomly while traversing the UI (and actually fixed in 10.0.6)
- Fixed clients receiving bottom-tiered rewards from Survival missions
- Reduced cost of Team Totem blueprints, also changed resource requirements to Ferrite and Salvage only
- Reduced crafting costs of Clan Tech items: Heal, Ammo, Shield, and Energy now 500cr
- Fixed room prerequistites not being checked when attempting to construct new dojo rooms
- Fixed "power in use" bug that could occur when using Desecrate
- Added prevention for unintentionally selling last remaining sentinel weapon
- Fixed damage numbers not appearing for Overheat
- Fixed names for Rebound and Quick Return mods being switched

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Pricing for new clan gear is soo much more reasonable then 15k. I think nano spores should be up there though O>O seriously,people who have played lots of Xini defense(or even the survival event) have wayyyyyyyyy too many. 


Thanks so much for the survival mission fix !

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