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Hotfix 10.0.5 + Hotfix 10.0.6

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Way to crack the whip and tell the devs that they needed to prioritize bug fixes!



Now after the flurries of hotfixes we can start addressing long-standing community concerns regarding certain gameplay features/balance.  Baby steps, of course :)

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- Fixed News & Alerts panel disappearing randomly while traversing the UI

- Fixed clients receiving bottom-tiered rewards from Survival missions

- Reduced cost of Team Totem blueprints, also changed resource requirements to Ferrite and Salvage only

- Reduced crafting costs of Clan Tech items: Heal, Ammo, Shield, and Energy now 500cr

- Fixed room prerequistites not being checked when attempting to construct new dojo rooms

- Fixed "power in use" bug that could occur when using Desecrate

- Added prevention for unintentionally selling last remaining sentinel weapon

- Fixed damage numbers not appearing for Overheat

- Fixed names for Rebound and Quick Return mods being switched


Reduced cost of Gear items (Health, Ammo, etc.)! Yeah! Thanks!!!

Now to initiate the crafting of many of these items at once... (i.e. 8 Health kits)

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Personally I feel this makes nano spores more useless... IMO should have kept it using nano spores + salvage (since salvage drops in higher numbers than ferrite)


Oh of COURSE!  Why don't we force EVERYONE to farm for those damned nano spores!  You absolutely have everyone else in mind when making such statements, hmm?  I mean who cares about newbies and lower level players, right? :P

Glad they don't take every stupid idea at face value. :P

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