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Planet Related Problems


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Mission Distribution:

First of all let's look at how the factions are spread out over the 14 planets.

There are 5 corpus, 7 grineer and only 2 infested planets. Even though every corpus and grineer planet has a couple infested missions and the derelict void is infested that's still a big gap.

There are 9 (excluding assassination) mission types which you can find regularly as nodes and as a rule of thumb I think there should be at least one mission of each type for each planet, except maybe mercury. The least available mission type is mobile defence which is found on only 11 nodes (which is a shame as it's nice mission type) whereas other mission types range from 19 to 37 locations each 



Resource Distribution:

Currently, the only place to find mutagen sample the orokin derelict, the best way to solve this imo is to make the faction specific resources drop depending on the tile set, for example if it's infested (including infested tilesets in corpus or grineer planets) then mutagen should drop.

Control modules, gallium, neurodes and orokin cells are all found on 2 planets each (although cells come also from the void), morphics are found on 5(!) different planets, while neural sensors only on one, which is a problem as players can't even alternate locations and bosses when they farm these sensors. There are also 2 planets, Venus and Sedna that don't drop any rare resources at all, which is particularly stupid as there are other 2, Mars and Europa which drop 2 rare resources each. 

There could and should be some reorganizing of these resources, particularly important, I think, is that all the rare resources should be available in a low-ish level planet, for example control modules can only be found on Europa (lvl 30-42) and Neptune (42-60) and I think they should be available at a lower level as well (perhaps on Venus where there isn't a rare resource). DE should also make sure that resources are found on the right faction planet, neural sensors and neurodes are a good example (DE swapped the description already, but they still haven't swapped the names and the images), but it's the common and uncommon resources which are seemingly associated to a planet randomly even though most of them are all clearly faction specific.



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