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De, What About Adding Mutagen Samples As A Completion Reward To Derelict Missions?


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This idea came from how DE is keeping mutagen samples Derelict only.

What if Derelict mission gave mutagen samples as a completion reward? Normal missions could give 2-5 and the boss mission could give 5-10.

This will ensure players will always get mutagen samples even if they get 0 drops during the mission. That is important since people will be playing Derelict missions for mutagen samples. Building a key and getting no mutagen samples out of it will frustrate people.

My first though was making each mission give 1 sample at the. However this would not work well with the research and weapon costs. 2 should be the absolute minimum per mission.

5 would be a good upper number, that would allow one Mutagen Mass to be made for every two Derelict missions.

Note that the above numbers do not include any you may find during the mission.

The boss mission should reward the most samples. This would keep people playing the mission even after they get all of the parts.

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what about not hiding mats behind a key? seriously........

just add a BIIIIIIIIIGGGGG orokin spaceship as a new location between planets with all the derelict missions and we are done, is not so hard right?

That would be nice, but I don't see DE doing it. If they wanted something like that it would have been done that way from the start.

This idea is working with what DE has decided will happen: Mutagen Samples only in Derelict missions that require keys to access.

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