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Idea: Introducing A New Warframe


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Calling all Tenno! Recently we have succeeded in wiping the infestation and they are currently at bay with surveillance. However, after gathering all Intel data from Corpus and Grineer we have learned a bigger threat is among us. So we have taken the time to devise a counter part to this with a new weapon of destruction. Our researchers has developed a machine with artificial intelligence, truly a diamond, that will help assist you in the field. Do not fail Tenno. Our future is in your hands.




First Ability: Solar Beam

The synthetic shoots a beam from her hands and it can be controlled on a small radius of a 30 degrees.




Second Ability: Orb of Levitation

The orb on her belt will make the synthetic fly for a small period of time.


(I am currently redesigning the orb on her belt.)


The rest is in progress such as her name, etc and I will continue with more as inspiration comes to me. Thanks a lot for looking.

I also added another art without her mask in case I get any fans below. Her head design is made of clocks and chains. I call her in this the God of Time.




ps: I wish there was an artwork section on steam so I can easily upload my art.

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