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New frame concept

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So had a pretty cool idea for a frame let me know what you think

Name: arachnia , arachnid

Frame is based on the idea of a spiders abilities using existing mechanics in game.

Low shield, low armor(augmentable toughened skin), high hp, high energy

1st ability. Venomous Strike causing toxin/ viral damage possibly over time.

2nd ability. web shot. Fire a single strand of silk that tangles mobs passing through it for a short time or can be used as a zipline (ingame is used on a bow already i believe)

3rd ability. spiders web. Cast a defensive spiders web bubble (similar to khoras strangledome) that ensnares enemies in place the more they wriggle the more ensnared they become!  (Ensnare duration) (Shoot to wriggle like khoras ragdoll on the dome)                            (Augment mod/option Casting 2nd ability at enemies ensnared in spiders web wraps them in a cocoon of silk leeching for  X% Hp)

4th ability. Spiders nest. Releases 100's of baby spiders into the environment that cause low base dmg toxins to mobs. (Augment mod. spiders nest when cast inside of 'spiders web' attaches baby spiders to the web causing toxin damage to all enemies ensnared) using             'web shot' on ensnared mobs while 'spiders nest' is active on the web refreshes  'spiders nest' duration (energy use reduction or stacks baby spider hp and/or dmg buff?

Passive ability. Infinite wall latch & wall run.


Just a concept let me know what you think open to feedback but haters and keyboard warriors keep on jogging!

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