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So I've played for a good while now, a few frames to 30, lots of weapons, etc. And I figured I'd throw my thoughts out here. Some additions I might consider if I was a dev for this game, some changes, just.. random stuff. They mostly involve frames and weapons so... I put it here.



-Mastery Ranks

So the mastery system has some promise, but right now it only serves as a way to unlock weapons. Once you get to rank 8 or 9 you have most, if not all, weapons unlocked and there really isn't a reason to rank up past that. I was thinking that each rank would grant you a 'mastery point' which you could invest in a moderate sized list of skills. The skills have very minor impacts on all frames or weapons. For example, a Health skill could increase the base health of all frames by 5. 


Note that there are two things that I find important here: The skill points grant base stats, meaning they are multiplied by mods. So if you get 5hp from a mastery point, and have a +100% health mod then you would get 10 more hp than you would otherwise. Also they apply to all frames and weapons. They are unique to your Tenno, not your frames, so they carry over between frames. But they would be very small boosts. This is mainly to encourage trying new weapons to earn mastery rank, even after you have unlocked every weapon. It also encourages farming up new frames to try out and rank up... The boosts are very minor, and there should be a wide array of skills from hp, to armor, to weapon crit, etc. 



-Cross frame abilities

Some frames have skills that are either outright useless or you just don't like, for example I don't like freeze on my frost. So my thought is that you could take a non-ultimate skill from another frame that occupies the same slot as the skill you wish to replace and put it on another frame. It would have drawbacks, the power cost would double when changed over, so even with polarity the cost would be as though it was in a non-polarized slot on the frame it comes from. 


Additionally, you would have to find an 'adaptation blueprint' in the void or buy one off the market, combine it with the mod you wish to switch over, get all the various resources, build it, then you get an 'adapted' mod. For example, if I wanted to switch out Freeze with, say, Shuriken from Ash, I get the adaptation bp, resources, select Shuriken and my frost in the foundry and set it building. After it is done building I get a 'Frost Shuriken' which has a base power cost of 4, takes up the 1 slot, and therefore can't be taken with freeze. Regardless of the rank of shuriken you put into the BP you get a rank 1 frost shuriken, which can be ranked up as normal, but other Shuriken mods count as 'non matching' therefore costing more and granting less of a bonus then if it was matching. Also any frame can only have one 'Adapted' skill, and ultimates can not be adapted.


This I think it just cool, it will allow a wider range of builds, naturally you can still only have 4 skills, and only one adapted skill, ultimates are still unique to a frame but it should help players customize their play style and build more than previously possible. 



I may have a few more ideas later, but these are the big ones. Let me know what everyone thinks!

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I see that you are trying to make mastery ranks more useful, yes that is good.


As for the crossing frame abilities. LOLno, that would just be bypassing getting the frame and playing with it.


Fair enough, there are ways around that, for example you could require two rank 30 frames, both the one you want the skill on and the one you are transferring the skill from. 


If you want to be really mean the frame which gains the skill 'consumes' the frame donating the skill. So if I give shuriken to my frost it will eat my ash, and I'll have to farm/buy a new one then rank it up. 


The point of this is mostly to add late game customization and give everyone something to aim for. Basically the next step up from after you finish hammering forma's into your new frame. (you could actually reset the rank of the receiving frame as well, like forma)



A few other additions I came up with over the last day (and a not to subtle bump to my thread to get more thoughts going)



-Clan Mastery Rank

Like a tenno's mastery rank the clan would also level up as players built new items and got rank ups. Basically, every time a clan member got an item rank up the clan would earn a bit of mastery xp. The amount of XP required for a clan to level up would vary based on clan size (shadow would require less xp than mountain for example). In addition, clan member completing void and derelict missions would also earn a small amount of xp for the clan. This would represent the recovery of Orokin tech and the like from the mission, higher teir missions earn more xp. 


Depending on the clan's mastery rank they will unlock various bonus rooms not available to lower rank clans. I'm not going to go into much detail on what kinds of rooms that could entail, but, for example, the clan could unlock a Meditation room. Players who go there and meditate (just a simple 'use' command on a sitting place in the room followed by a short cut scene of them kneeling and energy swirling around them) gain a bonus to affinity gain for their currently equipped weapons and frame for a duration, probably 24 hours or something. Just little things like that. There could also be 'advanced processing facilities' which increase foundry construction rates across the clan, 'resource refinement' which grants a % boost to all resource drops for all clan members. Again, just little things.



-Clan missions

One thing that clan mastery could unlock is a room which contains a clan specific AI which supposedly manages their missions. Through research the warlord (and other allowed ranks) could unlock a special 'clan alert' which would be a mission that only clan members could undertake. These would be similar to mini-events and would mainly involve some large clan action to secure resources for the clan.


For example, an 'asteroid mining' clan wide alert could require clan teams to defend a mining drill for as long as possible while it extracts resources. The longer they defend the more resources. If you have ever played 'Fire fall' I'm thinking something like the thumper missions, only more Warframe. Enemies (from a faction depending on which resources the clan is mining for) would continuously spawn assaulting the Tenno. Rather than simply going till they die, they would have to 'extract' the mining drill with a use command when they wish to leave. Obviously the longer they defend the better but by simply going till they die they loose everything in the drill's storage. 


I'm sure there are dozens of other possible ideas for clan wide missions (corpus base assaults to gain large amounts of mastery, cleaning out and recovering an entire orokin derelict to grant more capacity to the clan dojo, etc), and for the most part they would be very similar to current mission types, only requiring clan members.


Another Idea I had while writing this was 'tag team missions' (bad name is bad). Stick with me here. In survival missions you are told that you are distracting the enemy so another tenno team can raid the base. What if the clan was running both ends of that operation? Basically it's two side by side missions which interact with each other. One team does a survival mission, drawing most of the enemies to them, and the other has a spy mission running along side. There is no limit to the number of data terminals the spy team can hack and take data masses from, they would get a large area like the survival missions and terminals would become 'active' for periods requiring a tenno to hack them and unlock a data mass. But here's where it gets tricky. The more terminals they hack the stronger the enemies get. If the spy team are spotted by and/or kill an enemy they attract more enemies to their section of the station. Similarly the survival team attracts more enemies the more they kill. If the survival team dies or extracts early all the enemies flock to the spy team's map. On the other hand most of the rewards for the dual mission will come from the spy team, the more data masses they extract with (or dump off in a special node which extracts just the data masses) the greater the rewards for both sides. 




-Faction specific mission types

I think that each faction (infested, corpus etc) should have their own unique mission type which only they get. Rewards and everything would be similar to normal missions, but the objectives would be unique to that mission type. For example, infested could have a 'cleanse and purify' mission (40k much?) where there is a large infested facility, teaming with infested, and with a number of infested spawning hives located throughout the level. To win players must find these hives and destroy them, while dealing with seemingly endless waves of infested, which would get stronger the longer the tenno take.



There's another handful of ideas, free of charge :D 


Any thoughts/comments?

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