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I Want A Mountain


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Was thinking that the parkour in this game is more amazing than any other iv played... and I miss mountain/skyscraper/ridiculously tall thing climbing. If skyrim mountain climbing is fun this should be like "OMG so awesome!". This isn't a suggestion really since I mostly just brought it up for nostalgia and humors sake. Maybe to see how many people call me dumb/agree with me as well lol

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Parkour missions with mission goal at the top could be nice. Something like climb grineer tower and sabotage communication array.


Or puzzle based missions that require the use of parkour to complete?


Or escape based missions where you have to use parkour to outrun an unkillable foe? (Stalker base maybe?)


Tons could be done with the awesome movement in this game. I have no doubt there is more to come.

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Imagine a Sabotage map, where the player steadily travels uphill / upwards. Upon reaching the top, the player blows up the reactor / communications array, then slides down the entirety of the map, shooting enemies coming at the player from the sides, outrunning the explosion behind them. 


Players would use slide function to go down the mountain, and could front flip over caverns.

It would be an interesting way to introduce jungle tilesets, or could be implemented on desert tiles.


As a side note, why don't we get low gravity upon destroying reactors? I always thought it was a little weird to destroy a ships power, yet still have artificial gravity.

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