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[Gameplay Feedback] Alert Variety Request


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A picture is worth over 9000 words.

So let us analyze that picture and break it down by planet. During this short slice (about 12 hours) of time, there are multiple alerts for various areas with no alerts for other areas at all. Curious, isn't it?

There are 28 alerts total, here's the breakdown:

Mercury - ZERO
Venus - ZERO
Earth - 2
Mars - 3
Jupiter - 1
Saturn - 2
Uranus - 2
Neptune - 1
Pluto - ZERO
Sedna - 7
Eris - 4
Phobos - 2

Notice anything odd?
-Mercury and Venus (starter planets) got nothing.
-Pluto is left to be forever alone, and 'Sedna' and 'Eris' areas have the highest concentration of alerts, with Sedna being a particular favorite.
-Out of those 7 alerts for Sedna, 3 of them have had additional non-credit awards for them but the rest are all just credit rewards yet are restricted to Sedna. Why!?
-Out of the 4 alerts for Eris, 1 of them has the non-credit additional blueprint award.

So riddle me this: Why are the credit-only alerts restricted to 'elder game' areas rather than spread out properly to give a variety of players a chance to get them?
Then they wonder why only the max-level players seem to have tons of credits when lower level players now need much more credit income to keep up with recent pricing changes?


In the time I took to post and format this:

Eris - Creds only

Neptune - Creds only

Sedna - Blueprint

Sedna - Creds only

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