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Desecration Is Boring, How About... [Replacement / Remake Idea]


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Alright, first thing's first: I love Nekros, and I understand how Desecration fits in with his theme. He's all about death, dark arts, and horror-style stuff. Desecration is essentially "extracting life force" from enemies considering it pops out health orbs most the time. It has a kind of vampiric feeling to it. I like that, I do!

The problem is that it's uninspired. He just disintegrates corpses in front of him. Too simple, too...boring, especially when one of his abilities is just an AOE fear and the other is a summon. It doesn't give him much to DO. So let's fix that, shall we?

This is why I propose this:


Nekros floats hauntingly through the air, granting him increased movement speed and desecrating the dead in his wake.


Upon casting, Nekros' feet would leave the ground and, much like a ghost, he'd start hovering a bit above the ground instead of just hoofing it everywhere. The effect would last for a certain amount of time (upgraded with mod level), and to really nail the "ghost" feel, he could even leave a bit of energy-colored fog as he moved. He would move faster too, though the increase would not be as fast as Volt's Speed, as the dead have all the time in the world, they don't need to go that fast.

"It's Volt's Speed, but only for one person, and worse!" you say. Well how about this: For the duration of the ability, any dead bodies in his vicinity are desecrated, much like when he uses his ability now. This provides a cooler, more "I AM DEATH" way to both support yourself and your team, and it'd be a bit less frustrating to use since all it'd require is you hovering around near corpses.

The idea probably still needs tweaking, but I think something like Wraith Form would keep the basic functionality and use of desecration intact, while giving him a lot more flavor and cool-factor, as well as ease-of-use.

What do you guys think?

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