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List Of Dojo Improvements/fixes


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This is my list. I'm sure there are several and I'm sure several of these have been listed elsewhere.


1. Visiting the Dojo bugs the game ... obviously this needs fixing. Arsenal, Market, Foundry, and Keys do not work after visiting the Dojo.


2. Clan Hall should be set as default spawn location. Every clan started with that room and built their dojo from there. Spawning in a random hall defeats the layout of the Dojo and confuses those entering it. I would also accept an option in the room's console to set any Clan Hall as the default spawn location.


3. Decorations need to refund all materials same as a room. From a realistic standpoint decorations are easy to move, certainly easier than moving/tearing down a room. No reason you should only get a partial refund for something you could, in theory, pick up and move yourself.


4. Need improvement to mini map and/or mini(er) map that displays when placing a room. Can bug and not show where piece is going, too small, mini map does not give any directional bearing whereas mini(er) map is set north/south/east/west, etc.


5. Elevator tile ... I'm sure a new one is coming ... please just replace existing elevators with it. We've already had to tear down and rebuild the Dojo, please don't make us do it again.


6. 70 Rooms limit needs to be increased/removed. This probably entails a bit more optimization or possibly even dedicated servers, but it also definitely deserves to be on this list.


I'm sure I could come up with more but this should suffice for now.


I would certainly welcome any thoughts or improvements and will add them to my list.

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