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Paracesis crafting recipe bug.

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So i had found out a while back that the Paracesis would take the "Synthetic Eidolon Shards". the way i knew this was when i had a few and no other shards in my inventory and the blueprint had it saying 2/5 and so on. so i went ahead and farmed up to 4 and then i captures a Terralyst today. the blueprint now said 5/5. Thats 4 synthetics and 1 normal shard. i crafted the weapon and rushed it with 30p. i leveled it up to max and then put 1 forma on it and then i checked my Eidolon shards to see how many brilliant ones i had now from the capture. and to my surprise there were still 4 synthetics in my inventory. i mean since the beginning i figured it was odd synthetics would count towards the craft but i figured it was also my only way of finally getting the weapon since that Terralyst cap took an hour and 2 mins. (my pc is a toaster and my laggy freezing pc extends the night time past its global state. which is the only real way im able to get even 1 shard atm).
Anyway so the reason im posting this is because i wanted to let you know of this bug and potential exploit and i also would like to ask that you remove the 4 Synthetic Eidolon Shards from my inventory as they should be. thanks a bunch!
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