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@scott - Desecrate - Tweak Feedback


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Desecrate works great and i love it... but.. it has some issues with disintegrating enemies from various sources. You know about that and personally i don't find it that bad. Be fast or dont get loot.. it brings some "skill" into the skill. Could be tuned but .. *shrug*


The worst issue i find it has are death animations from enemies which prevent desecrate from working on them but technically they are dead already. just.. maybe.. don't know it yet.


So when they are holding their knee and rolling on the floor when shot in the face repeatedly until they finally ragdoll after couple of seconds and are regarded dead, desecrate does not work on them until they finished their theatrical death which often results in wasted energy because u used desecrate on them. That should be fixed so desecrate just loots and disintegrates them while doing their thing regardless.




Death Animations from Enemies hinder desecrate from working on them (but technically they are dead in a players eyes). Desecrate should just loot them regardless so no miscast and energy waste is the result.

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