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If you on switch and are looking for comradery, friendship, community, competitive edge, and a bit more then this might be the guild for you.

We recruit age21+ and require Discord. We are a super active and social. We build friendships and look to have fun. Many elders and mature players.

Recently we won first place on the Dojo Contest. All our research is done except color pigments. And we have community leaders that help newcomers and veterans alike.

Some extra curricular activities are:

Fashion Contests: we had a very special guest show up to our first Fashion. SpaceMom 💖IMG_20190313_175554.jpg

Flash mobsIMG_20190518_083227.jpg

Dojo treasure hunts IMG_20190131_002745.jpg

Fishing contest image0.jpg

And much more!

Check out our Dojo here

Discord tag is MajorLongGirth#7090

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