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About Mutagen And Derelicts (Idea And Execution)


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Personally, I think this was a good idea. More importantly, I thought it was terribly executed.

I'll go over my 2 sides of the coin in both matters, but really this thread is merely more feedback to throw into the pool than to actually convince DE that this change needs to be revoked.


The Backside of the Coin:

The Idea Behind It. Why was this done?

If we're adding more weapons to the dojo which require Mutagen samples, why are we restricting them? The answer is simple: DE wants people to play the new maps*.  Easy way to lure people there. I do believe that replacing the previous locations for Mutagen with Fieldron was a bit of a cop out, and I'd like to see these diversified. Well thought out, but...


The Execution Of It. What did DE do wrong? Did DE do anything wrong?

First of all, I'd like to say that I have no issue with making a resource exclusive to specific maps - Much like blueprints are restricted to certain bosses. However, notice that how getting to the areas of exclusivity are far less straight forward than before.

Up until this point, excluding Orokin Voids, most of every major item could be obtained through the solar map. After unlocking the areas by beating them, you were able to continually repeat mission without the cost of convenience. Weapons such as the "Primes" were exclusive to the Void, however they had their normal counter-parts as well. So if you didn't have the time or the patience to run back and forth between the varying levels of difficulty in the Voids, you weren't being incredibly punished.

Derelicts took a left turn so hard from this that even a Rhino would be knocked dead off his feet from smacking into the wall. If it was Nekros Prime being dropped from these missions, that's one thing. With the exception of Vauban and platinum purchases, the acquisition of Nekros is perhaps one of the most tedious in the game now. The lack of what the reward has to offer compared to all the hell you have to go through just to get it certainly makes it so a lot of people won't even bother to play the map. Nekros aside, this goes for getting all those Mutagen Samples to make the stuff in the Dojo as well. Though if you're in a stupidly large clan and have stockpiled a flagship's worth of Mutagen from not having to contribute research, this argument probably won't apply to you.


The Front Side of the Coin:

The Idea Moving Forward. Does it work?

As I hinted on the Backside of the Coin, the idea behind this works great and there isn't much more I can add to that. Allocating resources of high demand to a new area is a good way to get people to play the new maps, at the same time however, we must remember that doing this also means that the areas without these resources will end up being neglected. We're reaching a point to where new kinds of resources will need to be developed to help maintain a balance between what DE wants to bring into the game and what we want to keep alive. The addition of the Navigation Coordinates and the entire system of Derelicts is a testament to this, and it would be safe to expect more things like this as time goes on. We should have predicted this much after the introduction of Void Keys, and I'm surprised this matter was brought up sooner or by DE themselves.


Execution Moving Forward. Can we fix it?

The system currently is a big slap in the face to manually individual players and small clans hoping to get access to the new content. Needless to say, a significant amount of people are disgruntled with it, and we have already seen derelect costs plummet a couple of times. That being said, DE has already slightly lessened the problem with the new system.

Can the system work?

This I cannot even begin to start with as there is still a lot that needs to been seen and heard. DE is listening. This was no doubt a big experiment for them and with all new ideas some work and some are doomed to fail. The system seems to have reached a point of stability for the time being, but to new players it may be completely overlooked.

Personally, I think its focused (intentionally or otherwise) towards the wrong group of people, and as such it will soon become an idea that will stagnate and become something that's just kinda there and will never be expanded upon. My last comment in the backside of this story hints on that.


*This is just an educated guess. I'm sure DE would like us to play these maps as much as possible and cherish the hard work they put in to making them available to us. Though I can't say they resorted to coercion to do so by deciding to manipulate resource locations.

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Why make the maps limited behind a key when everyone would have played these missions anyways? If they wanted us to play them then why to limit greatly the playtime in them? Makes no sense at all. The way I saw it was that every planet would get a new mission where the new derelict tilesets would have been but oh boy was I wrong, terribly wrong.

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