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Orokin Station - Half Void Mission


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Simple Explanation


Orokin Station has been the lab, storage, defence point at the space.

It has reactors, that give energy to sectors, and main AI(Lucia) which controls all the systems.

Each sector has reactor and control room.





 - Orbiting.
Orokins station orbits through Earth~ Pluto. You should unlock the entire planet to access(like nightmare).
If not, Orokin station wouldn't show up on map.
( Although you have cleared the O.S. stage in Earth, you cant get in if O.S. is in Mars and you haven't unlock all the maps of Mars )
- Freezing
While orbiting through planets, sometimes the temperature will be low enough to reduce Warframe's shield.
Never get freezed                     - Earth,Mars
Freezed after reactor disabled - Jupitor, Saturn
Freezed all the time                  - Uranus, Neptune, Pluto
- Reactor
Gives energy to each sector.
When this is down, light will go off, and also the Psionic Shock (explained below).




Defense system


- Patrol bot


(only the black part takes damage)


Only patrol. Request the assistance, when enemy is in his sight

(3sec to activate request, 1sec delay to get another request).


* Patrol bot's requesting will level up the alarm state only one at a time.

* Two or more requests at the same time will be accepted as one request.



- Alarm state.

None - corrupted, patrol bot.

lvl 1 ( death of patrol bot, sensing battle )

 + increase of enemy, additional patrol bot


lvl 2 ( 'Request of assistance' has been activated by patrol bot )

 + lvl up the corrupted, turret activate.


lvl 3 ( 'Request of assistance' activated 4 times )

 + Sector Lock down activate

*Orokin's Lock down could deactivated in control room.


lvl 4 ( 'Request of assistance' activated 8 times )

 + Activate time attack.

" Terminate system activated. Psionic Shock at sector within 10 min. "


* Deactivating reactor will stop this. If not, you'll die. :)

* After the Psionic Shock enabled, alarm state will be initialized.

*Alarm state will be also initialized when player has entered another sector

(cant be initialize by coming and going through border line. Has delay)




Spy -

Orokin Station has lost communication. There should be error of the system. Get the database and activate to fix it.

Spy + Assasination








Prototype warframe(semi)

- Launch Patrol bot at the start of battle

- Doesn't disabled by users skills or 

- Range pattern

 jump to aggressive user. ( 'stagger' to near bounds )


- Melee pattern

 Ⅰ. Swing punch (stagger 100% if hits)

    Motion delay 1sec

    After delay 1sec


 Ⅱ. Backspin blow( knock back ) 

   Motion delay 1sec

   After delay 1sec


 Ⅲ. Defend - (knockdown 15% to ranged attackers -- maybe needs stop attacking for a while)

   Defend for 1sec


 Ⅳ. Rocket Launcher - (stagger 100% if hits)

  Total 4 shots, Rocket aim take turns to users.

  Motion delay 1sec( at the first time)

  0.5 sec- 1 shot.

  Can block.


Battle simulation hologram


- Resist skill, disabled when 'shield' is remained.

- High shield amount, but low health.

- Has Sniper rifle, Auto Pistol(like glock)


- Shoot sniper rifle at the start of fight (90% stagger)

 1 shots (1 sec)


 Ⅰ. Aim pistol to user(If distance is far, it goes toward to the user)(1 sec).

      Stops moving and Fire pistol in auto mode, at 150 º front .(2 sec)


 Ⅱ. Reload pistol, turret attack 150 º behind .(2 sec)


 Ⅲ. Turn left 360 degree, while his left arm swinging(like Radial disarm).

       Electric shock ring fires to 360 º (electric stun for 1 sec if hits)


      - If he use this in stand position, you can dodge shock by sitting.

      - If he use this in sitting position, you can dodge shock by jump.

      (this shock spreads fast, so see the turning motion and dodge)


 Ⅳ. Charge.


 Ⅴ. High jump and come down. Drains 210 (+ 30 per sec) shield for 3 sec each at 180 º front.

      (Heals its shield and health as twice as it drained)

      (Cant Interrupt first 210 drain. Its too fast)


 Ⅵ. Back step and fire pistol one by one to users.

       5 shots, 0.5 sec per shot. Take turn to users. (Stagger 80%)

      Run 10m to user to grab him. If he grabs, drain 10 per 0.1 sec (Heal him self as twice as he drained)


 Ⅶ. Jump up to the ceiling and snipe the users.

      1 shot per 2 sec (high damage , big sound -- aim -> fire)(Stagger 100%)

      (can dodge by moving fast)

      If he gets 10% or more damage of his max health, he comes down.

Basic Pattern 

Ⅰ. swing hammor  - swing it vertically (knockdown)


Ⅱ. swing hammor  - swing it vertically ( knockdown on area)


Ⅲ. summon big sword - swing it horizontally, spinning twice (knockback)




Special Pattern


 * Shock wave - when some one has hit by Basic Pattern

            - gather energy for 4 sec, 4 m  360˚(knockback / high dmg)


 * Drain - when hologram's health is beneath 80/60/40/20%  

             - grabs the warframe who has given the highest dmg to hologram, 100 dmg every sec.

             - heals his shield as twice as he drained


 * Thundering - hologram jump up and strike down to warframe. (2m / electric stun)







keep adjusting


does anyone knows WHY i cant post image?

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Pretty nice, seems like something that would be nice. But I have a question: would you need a key to enter or would you be able to enter any time.



but, only if you have high specification party. cuz, im making this as hardcore dungeon. (like pluto)

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Is ever time you enter it has a different objective or are there set ones that are sabotage, capture, survival, etc?

im also thinking about resetting the unlock every week


so user have to unlock planet to get into O.S.  in new week.

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