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(The Jovian Concord: Update 25) Bug Report Megathread

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Probably been reported umpteen times already, but in Wisp's ability descriptions, it says her motes affect allies. This is only partially correct, as it only affects player allies, which is just... Lame.

It does not affect: Sentinels, pets, rescue targets, defense targets, excavators, lures, (probably) spectres...
Basically if it isn't directly player-controlled, it isn't affected. Which feels wrong, especially as it simply says it affects "allies".

This makes it so that in Solo, these large AOE buff stations are literally only self-buffs. Can't even help your sentinel stay alive, much less anything else you may want to heal/speed up/make shock nearby enemies/etc.

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Magus Nourish is not proccing the health regen, instead gives 25 health per transference out, just ticks once and stops there, Im not affected by any status effect and tested out of combat didn't work aswell.

So me being host or not doesn't solve the issue.

Reequipping into different slots or just reequipping doesn't solve it.

Tried repair client since someone said it could be client side issue and didn't solve it.

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