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Coming Soon: Devstream #128!

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12 hours ago, Lored said:


Any news:

  • "Kingpin" system;
  • Thumper Bot from 105 and 106 devstreams;
  • Any chance to PoE grinding changes;
  • Pets 2.0;
  • Cephalon Samodeus lore or something(some fragments across world like kuria with some stories) with it;
  • Companion/pets commands system;
  • Any warframe add in Arbitrations droplist;
  • Old quests replay;
  • Limbo deluxe;
  • Seasonal events (winter event?);
  • Reveal Fortuna items in profile (MOA's still hidden, boards still bugged);
  • Wukong rework (or mb not? he's ok);
  • Omega and Umbra Formas myth or not;
  • Next Umbras info (Excal out >6 month ago);
  • Trials news;
  • So Hildryn and Wisp are fem frames, where male one?
  • Next prime info;
  • Frame Fighter abandoned? Baruuk & Hildryn are missed (mb like Wisp);
  • Any chance to get lore about new frame (Garuda, Baruuk and others);
  • Planes of Duviri news;
  • Ingame(or mb not) Comics with lore.

How about: 

  • Eidolon Hunt Bounties not depend on Cetus night, but limited per full cycle (5 runs for example);
  • New archwing & arch-weapons;
  • Arch-guns Rivens;
  • New Landing Craft ship;
  • New Weapons, mods(weapon augs) or something(not capturas) for Faction Syndicates;
  • New mechanics with Helminth Infirmary room;
    • Infested Kavat;
  • New Kavat type (2 kavats vs 5 kubrows + helminth, unfair);
  • Moddable weapon for pets (like Kavasa Prime Collar);
  • New Venus Kubrow type(Kubrodons);
  • MOA (Venari mb?) mod sets;
  • New MOA unique mods;
  • Chesa Retrieve rework (since Fetch ingame, Chesa useless)
  • Status mods like Rifle Aptitude rework;
  • Sentinels weapons Augments;
  • Unique skins for Login Rewards weapons (AzimaZenistar...)
  • Clan management system:
    • Fields for "Clan description"(Clan Rules), except for the already available "motd"
    • More information for admins:
      • Player(x) invite Player(y);
      • Curent resources progress (%);
      • Curent research progress (%);
    • More flexible and variable "Hierarchy and Roles" system:
      • Stricter access to the Dojo and Labs (to avoid players who join the clan, buy BP's and leave).
  • New map for Relay's and Dojo (colored with markers) like in PoE or OV;
  • Dojo:
    • Custom Obstacle Course increase decoration limit;
    • Remove/change requirement Hemocyte Cystolith for Plague Star clan trophies;
    • In-room Dojo spawn point(marker);
    • Changeable statues in Temple of Honor;
    • Infested & Corpus statues decorations (now only Grineer);
    • Weapon racks decorations;
    • Infested theme decorations;
    • Orokin Derelict theme decorations;    
    • Factions Storage Containers;
    • Factions Resource Caches;
    • NPC for dojo;
    • Sentient (Amalgam) Lab;
    • Syndicate rooms (like in relay);
    • Dojo Hangar (like in relay);
  • Boss reworks:
    • The Sergeant;
    • Hyena Pack;
    • Phorid;
    • Zanuka Hunter.

How to get ignored.... you’’re Doing it greatly 👌

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Any chance of looking at older Warframes that can do well with some newer/modern tools? Loki and Trinity come to mind.

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1.Any news on the Wukong rework and/or Vauban rework?

2.Is Khora planned for any changes since she is getting a Deluxe skin?

3.Whatever happened to the Zephyr Deluxe Skin?

4.The last faction to get a themed frame is the Grineer. Are there currently any plans for a Grineer themed Warframe?

5.What is your opinion on allowing Warframes to use their Exalted weapons outside of the ability? Example Given:Excalibur can use his Exalted Blade to replace his melee weapon, however the ability is disabled and the Blade has its stats/functions altered, Mesa can use her Regulators as a secondary but Peacemaker is disabled and stats/functions are altered, etc etc.

(optional)6.Do you have plans to reduce standing costs for decorations in Cetus? While I would also want more decorations(the glass chandelier, toy Grakata,etc), I find it really difficult to spend 100k Standing on a Cetus Post, or a Pile of Spices.

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Ever sins we saw the Railjack hanger (and kingpin room) I have been trying to redo our dojo layout. And now im down to the halls and reaktors (and  one four way statu room), and when i try to deconstruct "The biggest clan hall" it wants me to deconstruct the reaktors first. But  the reaktors are requiered for its energy points. So I'm stuck. Is there a possebilety for you to add a "Deconstruct all" button in the clan menu?

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Are there any ideas as to what planet is going to get some love next? Mercury and Neptune seem especially needy.

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Visible Black Energy has been a absence of color that has eluded Me and Other Players for a while. True black energy has only been truly obtainable when Adaptive Exposure was turned off with High brightness but the downside is everything becomes too bright and unbalanced just to be able to see a black energy color to fulfill my emo needs. If there is a way to edit this problem without having to resort to no adaptive exposure I'm sure many of us Tenno would appreciate it. If there was a response to any question like this one I missed it. Also Ever Since The Sacrifice released I've been wondering if we'll be getting more Umbral and Sacrificial Mods in future quests and Umbra like weapons like the Skiajati as in an Umbra based Secondary or Primary. As I've played limbo I've noticed I can afk for an entire mission in the void with no consequence's and Honestly it is not fair for other players who require support and essential help. If being in the void can be duration based and not infinite it will benefit most player's (probably not limbo main's). Regarding UI will the chat tab be receiving some reworks like the market and other UI systems have? If I remember correctly we were going to have archmelees also useable on the ground along with archgun's was this cancelled or is it still a WIP? Cross platform has been on everyone's mind and I was curious since we as console players cant play with pc because they always have a different build that we can link Up with other consoles since we essentially always have the same build except for some bug fixes here and there and if exclusive's are a problem I Believe that we will all survive not having what each other has if it means playing together on different console's instead of having to hard reset on to the platform your friend is on. I Want to Thank Everyone at DE for Creating and nurturing this game throughout the years and I hope this game goes on for 6 more years and LONGER. If you see this Have A nice day! ❤️  

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will we be getting a possible Nyx Rework ?

A possible ETA about Railjack ?

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@[DE]Rebecca Here is a list of questions and suggestions for the Devstream:

Will the Gamma colour palette ever return? Even for just a limited time.

Orb Vallis floating iceberg?

Rewards from past events or the events themselves ever returning when?

Will kuva in Kuva survival ever scale?

Old Primes receive more prime bits or a newer look to bring them up to date?

Will we ever see any new mission types for PoE? Like something out of bounties from Konzu or maybe some kind of Endless Bounty.

Primed Chamber return?

Kingpin system?

Will all the bodies of water in the Plains of Eidolon get more plant life or anything of the sort? They still seem empty with just dirt even after the remaster.

Volt cloth physics?

PBR treatments for more weapons or older warframes soon?

Will we ever see the Misery Acolyte? What is your reason for not bringing him back?

Tenno Flak Cannon like from Unreal Tournament would be awesome!

Anything to say about that Prime operator amp?

New Ayatan Sculptures sometime?

Will we be able to replay older quests such as Patient Zero?

New prime archwings or archweapons? Itzal Prime or Imperator Prime would be awesome!

New Landing Crafts? Or maybe make the abilities of landing crafts more viable?

Boss reworks: The Sergeant, Hyena Pack, Phorid, Zanuka Hunter?

Visual battle damage status?

Resource models and decorations for Tellurium, oxium, etc?

Updates on Ordis Quest?

Orb Vallis vignette?

Option to use different archwing in archwing launcher like how we can use a certain archgun for archgun deployer?

Will the other two Prime Sigils (Verlorum and Cycuta) receive the proper metallics?

Will we see more options for articulas? I’d like to be able to use different forms of a warframe like equinox, khora, nidus, etc.

Can we get Prime noggles immediately upon purchase of Prime access? I really don’t want to wait until Christmas for Mesa and Equinox Prime noggles.

So we get a Thousand-Year Fish decoration for scanning all the plains scannables. Will we get a fortuna memory fragment decoration for scanning all the orb vallis scannables?

Proto weapon skins when? Or have they been scrapped?

Improved Relic interface to display which relics are vaulted?

Will Hildryn get any more changes or has that whole feedback thread been scrapped?

Melee 3.0?

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I've played the new game mode extensively, and I enjoy it a lot, feeling that it's potentially one of the more interesting game modes available to us. While I enjoy it, I do feel there's very little incentive for playing it besides that enjoyment after you've gotten most of the things offered by the rewards. Is there any chance that you will be changing the rewards in the rotation with regards to the hexanon in rotations (they seem smaller than what drops from the amalgams) and introducing either better relics or perhaps adding some other rare mods into the table?

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Tldr: lore in frame descriptions.


So I understand lore for frames as done in the past, or the idea for the comic style in game blurbs is being dumped because of how it throttles the release. As a garuda lover who can't wait to get wisp in a few weeks I'm sometimes conflicted by the fact these frames don't have a place in the universe. They literally feel disjointed since we know nothing about them, their origins, etc unlike older frames. While indent expect octavias anthem to ever happen again, I wonder if something more similar to mag prime and ember prime might be a good compromise. Small paragraphs or a couple that tell a small story about the frame or where they fit in the frame codex description so the frames we use aren't throttled by having to do special stuff in the world, but also don't feel like they're just an injection to the game for the sake of a quota rather than a part of the warframe universe. 


Unrelated; cross progression when? Pretty please? Let me off this xbox XD

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1. Melee 3.0


1. More sentinel healing methods

2. Better AI for Moa ( or make it teleport to you if too far from you, it just stuck and stop moving when you run too fast )

3. Fix some bugs that existed for nearly 2 years ( such as the bugs about dark-split sword )

4. Buff some ancient weapons that is too weak today ( Fang prime etc... )

5. Waiting room system like the old version, which can check out and communicate with random teammate before the mission start.

6.  Ordis replace the false Lotus in the mission ( or other character that can replace her, that cracking image make me ill... )


1. Why remove the melee knockdown resistance. ( not blocking with melee, is some melee animation will not cancelled by knockdown )

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Any plans for d-pad fixes on consoles?   

The d-pad doesn't scroll lists (like the mod list or inventory screens)   

Also, D-padding over an Item doesn't highlight it, meaning an extra click to read an item's description.  A consequence of this is that you can't read what a gear item (like a Dragon Key) does until after you've equipped it then re-entered the equip menu.   

When opening a menu (like the Pause Menu) the cursor doesn't start at the top of the list.  It starts at some random point on the screen, then you have to hit left on the d-pad to snap it to some random menu item, and then go up or down to your desired menu item.  


Was it the dev's intention to make Arbitrations strictly more difficult for Solo players?  We can't use the revive mechanic anyway, so the enemies scale faster with no added benefit.  


Any plans to make the Eidolons individually spawnable?  As a Soloer, the idea of having to do all three in a row is a daunting task.  I would have to block out an hour of gameplay time to even attempt it.  The inability to pause on the Plains compounds the problem.


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Few stuff I would really wanna know and suggest.

1.Warframe reworks ETA such as wukong,vauban,titania,ember,altas these are some frames that are hardly used due to their kit not being as useful I would suggest reworking one ability at a time per frame and shipping it slowly giving the players a chance to test it out before committing to a whole sale rework this should be the main focus rather then tossing out new warframes you guys could work on existing ones.

2. Revisit of game modes such as arbi,ESO these are some content that could give us that end game we have been looking for so long also we really do need scaling rewards for endless missions to be a thing no one wants to go longer then rotation C if we have no reason to other then to challenge ourselves. Ideas for scaling rewards, Ideally the longer you do the more you are rewarded for that will give us a reason to stay in endless missions longer, please stop holding out rewards for it will feel more grindy and burn us all out. 

3. When will we be getting more Lore in game.

4. When will there be more community/clan operations or rather events that are not recycled and are special to it's own.

5. Speaking of the new war any ETA on it as well as railjack.  

6. When will we get newer enemy models for the grinner,infested,void sentients each with their own special weapon and ability this will give us more of a challenge and make the game more interesting. 

7.The open worlds(POE,FORTUNA) has gave us no real reason to return any plans to improve this? Maybe update the bounty boards with different types of bounties every now and then/sudden world events like an invasion or something to make us return to the open worlds. 

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I'm loving the Jovian Concord, thanks for the amazing work! Jupiter looks beautiful, disruption is fun and so is the new boss fight, even though at the moment is buggy which ruins the fun. Hopefully this will get fixed quick.

So my questions are:

  • Can you tell what's the next tileset rework on your plans?
  • Like many people have pointed out, is it possible to get better rewards/drop chances for higher level missions and longer endless runs?
  • Would it be too hard to include two Nightwave tiers for season 2, one accessible to casual and new players, and another one with a little more challenge for experienced players?
  • Achievements and leaderboards for bragging rights would be a good idea for things like "longest survival", etc. to encourage replayability.

Keep up the good work! I've been playing every single day for over six months now and I'm having a blast 🙂

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Great with all these color customization options now, love it!   

Ever thought about letting us color each of our warframe abilities differently (so having the option of each ability with it's own color) ?

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Hi there.

1.Hows the movement system coming along? *Will other frames get unique movement like say, Hysteria Valkyr crouch running on four legs..wink wink?

2.Ever though to limit damage mods? *to limit damage stacking and buff the lesser mods. Like jagged edge with 90% slash damage getting 25% bleed dmg increase to compensate for -30% slash dmg that Buzz kill offers.

3.Will missions get an overhaul to offer a bit of narrative and be made a bit complex like combining more game modes(having more objectives) 

*to give an example, having Rescue+defection - freeing a group of prisoners and escorting them to the escape pods while taking down enemy ambushes and standing your ground waiting for the lockdown to be removed.

4.Will stances remain the same or have some form of progression like operator skill tree?(earn xp to unlock combos and other unique benefits)

5.Does Sekiro Shadows die twice combat mechanic work for Warframe?* i would prefer if an enemy blocks and counters my attack instead of standing and trading damage and also to stop shock wave spam.*Posture affects block damage values and get stunned/knockdown when reaches 0.**Deflect by attacking at the right time to counter the enemy

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Il y a 20 heures, Tromeo a dit :

why no grenade in your game? its a thing in warframe you know corpus and grineer like to use them when you stand still too much.why not tenno? NO Castanas and the like are more traps and mine. Am talking HAND GRENADE. RAMBOOOO but in space. Hey Vauban exalted weapon grenade maybe? To give him a cool damage buff tie in with vortex power?

Hum...i must admit i would love to have an Ice grenade for my frost.

But yeah , military use grenade , ninja use kunai and thing like that so must see if it's fit well.

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So, any chance you can elaborate on the alleged fix for"double dipping" with Desecrate and Pilfering augments? It seems to have largely flown under the radar, and some mroe clarification would be appreciated to give proper feedback.

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