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Massive Lag Issue



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I've been experiencing this a whole lot recently as well. Most games I join now are really horrible despite me setting maximum ping to 200 for any games I join. It feels like 1000+ ping considering it usually takes more than a whole second for enemies I shoot to die.


Was actually have a lotta trouble getting the 24 hour forma due to not being able to kill the grineer attacking the console in time.

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This game is peer-to-peer. There are no dedicated servers so your connection doesn't really matter. The host's computer and connection are all that really matters. If the host is playing on a Nokia N-Gage on a Siberian McDonald's wifi you're going to lag like crazy. It's also a problem if the host has a good connection but a terrible computer as the hosting quality will drop as does their frame rate.

The only real solution is to find a friend with a good connection and computer and always run with them. That way you can guarantee that one of you is the host and you'll never have this issue again. Clans are also a good source of this.

Good luck!

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