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The Jovian Concord: Update 25

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What about fixing inability to melee charge attack when enemies are shooting at you as you will be permanently locked into auto blocking animations until you die?

What used to happen: I take 5 shots, but kills the source of the gunfire with hit
What happens now: I take a bunch of shots, try to charge attack redeemer but autoblocks instead, autoblocks instead, autoblocks instead, autoblocks instead, autoblocks instead, autoblocks instead, autoblocks instead, and I died...

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Seems like a few other people are having this resolution issue. The game no longer recognizes my system's native resolution in borderless or windowed mode and fullscreen locks the screen to the upper left corner. The game's resolution is now so low I feel like to squint to read the UI. Sent a ticket to support so hopefully we can get this fixed up.

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Hey DE, I know it's not high on your priorities but can you guys please fix the stiff joint on the Daman Prime sugatra and other stiff jointed sugatras? It's been around a year now since it was broken and I was hoping it will be fixed in this update. The joint between the Daman prime sugatra and the melee weapon is stiff and makes the ribbon fold and move really weird. The joint used to allow the metal part to move freely. Even the joint between the weapon and the sugatra is depicted like how it used to be (not stiff) in the promotional material for the recent Loki & Volt prime Unvaulting.

How it is now: https://i.imgur.com/ytTtl7D.jpg

How it used to be: https://imgur.com/NjnI5b1

That being said, thanks for the big Jovian Concord Update!

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2 minutes ago, Cradicias said:

Can't, it's a research item and the blueprint isn't researchable in the energy lab like it says it is

Oh my bad i see what you mean now!

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3 minutes ago, Jehutyy said:

In the store for now it has a bp

You're not understanding. THERE IS NO BP IN THE MARKET, it just tells you the BP is in the energy lab and when you go to the lab, there is no item to be researched.

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5 minutes ago, Sunctity said:

My MR got reduced from 27 to 26
Had 502 items leveled up and now its 499

Lost progress on one weapon too.

For some reason Kogake is no longer maxed in my equipment list.

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