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Amazing! Equinox with Wisp Agile.


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it took me longer then it should have for me to understand this picture 

secondary thought this is something that probably would have flowed better if it was a gif not a still image 

third thought Neat 

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Только что, Ver1dian сказал:

Captain obvious I summon thee, is this real or am I being bated 50p?


Only idles, the other question I'm waiting for is: "If the duality augment is required for Equi to break apart like in the picture" 

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1 hour ago, Learicorn said:

Do u need the duality augment to do that?

I don't have it. But you can't have your weapon out. When I went to captura I equipped my scanner and it allowed the no weapon idle animation.

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For those asking, Duality is not necessary.

Go to Captura or just be in-mission and equip a Codex/Simaris Scanner to see the full idle animation.

If you're in your orbiter or a relay, both "copies" will be combined.

In-mission/Captura shows her forms split, as being in those instances has you start out as your "base" form (depending your energy color).


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13 hours ago, Velaethia said:


As you can see, when idled they will break apart and float around each other. Which is AMAZING! I absolutely love it! Does any other animation set do anything similar? Or just Wisp agile? 

Edit: Thanks to @EquinoxPrime we have a gif of it.


Bro thats so dope!

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