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Crowd Controling Weapons With The New Elemental Effect System?


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FInally you have revealed the thoughts on the elemental overhaul, that comes along the new damage system and I can share the thoughts I had since Steve kindly spoilered me at GamesCom.

(thanks again for talking to all you guys, it was so much fun to share thoughts)


I really look forward to have a kind of crowd controlling weapon, that is capabale of stunning multiple enemies at once. Unfortunately, AoE effects are kinda limited when using Warframes weaponry, but with the new elemental effects incoming, I can totally see my dream come true.


With, more or less recently, emerged mods, namely Shred and Hammershot, a good basis has been made. You have pretty decent puncture for a totally affordable mod capacity, along with a 40% stun chance on a rifle, given by Hammershot. Along, Hammershot increases crtical damage, whereas crits are the bread and butter of the elemental procs, that contain at least a freeze given by freeze damage.


So a high puncture paired with some high chance stunning and slowing effects enables you to deal those effects to a lot of enemies in a crowed formation. With this, I can totally see the Soma being a  pretty good candidate for a crowd control weapon, due to it's high base crit chance, or the Flux Rifle, given it's innate staggering properties.


This goes a bit away from the static damage builds that have dominated the recent game. Along with future weapons, I can totally see more weapons being capable of a rather supportive or utility oriented playstyle. This is good step in the right direction in my opinion.

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