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Helene Map Hole & Missing Sniper Ammo Boxes


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I was on Helene, and on wave 2 or 3 I saw a mod sitting high up on a ledge on the cavern wall thanks to Thief's Wit.  The ledge is located beside the entrance of a long tunnel: this tunnel merges with another tunnel, and they both lead to a room where Grineer sometimes sit and wait instead of rushing out to attack the core.  The hole is located to the left of the entrance of the left tunnel (when entering the tunnel, that is).  I was able to wall climb up to where the mod was located, but it was stuck in a crack: I fell down past it through a hole in the map and died.  I revived, climbed up again a little more carefully and was able to get the mod, but while doing so slid down a slope beside the hole to the slope's bottom, where a small ledge saved me from falling to my death again.  Please patch the hole in a future update.  I don't have a photo of the spot.


Also, I stocked up on about 20 sniper ammo boxes when they could still be bought with credits, and now they're all gone?  I didn't use any of them, and now I can't get them back.  I also have more rifle ammo boxes (30 more?), more shotgun ammo boxes (14 more?), and more pistol ammo boxes (6 more?) than I had before.  I'm not too concerned about those ammo boxes, but please give me my sniper ammo boxes back.

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