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2FA Questions and Feedback


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On 2019-06-14 at 6:24 PM, Sepharoth said:

Let me explain. My isp has changed 4 times in the last 7 or 8 years. It was sunflower, then knology, then wow, and now it is midco. When knology took over, they kept our sunflower.com email address which was nice. When wow took over, they kept our sunflower.com email address but every knology.com email address was deleted. So no one has access to that email any longer. It is gone forever. When midco took over, they also kept our sunflower.com email address but every wow.com email address was deleted. They are also gone forever. They can not be reactivated because they no longer exist. As you can see, losing access to your email is quite easily possible and due to no fault of our own. ISP's change all the time and usually do not keep your pre-existing email account. If I change ISP's because I move, my email account I have now is gone forever. Granted, I know there are other email clients like google or microsoft but not everyone uses those and should not be required to do so just to be able to trade in this game.

I don't make platinum in the game. I buy all my platinum and use it to trade for items I can not get on my own. I will not enable 2FA just to be able to trade in game. And until 2FA is removed from being able to trade, I will not buy anymore platinum. It is just that simple. I don't believe in the system and it should not be a requirement to log in, to play, or to trade in the game.

I asked in their official thread a while back and have yet to get a response as to why they do not allow a real authenticator system the way so many other games do. Even SWTOR allows you to use both their app and Google's and generates a unique key for each instance. This email-only mess is so backwards it hurts. Also, unless they've changed it someone in your situation could become locked out of their own account if email access is lost. Yet another one of those things that I just shake my head at.

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Hello everyone,
what the F***?
I can not act with anyone who did not do this authentication? Why?
Why is this enforced and prevents us from playing normally? Are so many people unable to secure their account that it had to be FORCED?
I am now here shortly after the beta, of course I keep pausing and not every change I like but this is really too much that I have to write a feedback about it ...

If this is just offered and you can continue to play normally then that's okay, why is a f2p game so cut?
Not even with those people who are beginning to live in my clan I may act if the one does not want to do that ...

Greetings to the community

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Digital Extreme 2FA is a completely and utterly joke.

to make it work the company should have made the arrangements to have the system working properly and see if there are some issues in the first place before making the steps in forcing everyone in to using it.       Something that DE clearly hasn't done for the past year.

pretty much anything can trigger it. and at some point you could be like me stuck with a login screen waiting for that email that will never happen.

BOusHNh.jpg?2               k3z6Iyd.jpg?1



the mobile app will trigger it, login from 2 different computers triggers it, login from different launchers will trigger it (Steam, standalone launcher) if your stuck with some other supporting app is active logged in the account the login screen wont terminate at all then your SoL.

unable to get support since they have their own working hours or limited crew (maybe 1).


how something like this was launch in the first place with out any kind of feedback or troubleshooting is out of the question.



important: message below if you don't want to suffer any kind of inconvenience with this game.

if your not interested on trading or using either the mobile app or the different game launchers.





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Well, as I said in my other post, I don't make platinum in game. I buy all my platinum so I can purchase items in game that I can't get on my own as I play solo almost exclusively. Now that 2FA is required to trade, I have no reason to purchase platinum anymore. They shot themselves in the foot by requiring 2FA to trade. I honestly hope no one buys any platinum from them until this decision is reversed. I know I won't anymore. I will just play for free from now on. I was happy to support them by buying platinum but not anymore. This is one of the worst ideas I have seen for any game.

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