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Sentinel's Hp/energy


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I know that we can't see our sentinel's HP or Energy value, but I'm wondering what happens when they run out of energy?


I just got a shade yesterday and when it uses Ghost, I can see "25 POWER" popping up, indicating that it used 25 energy to cast Ghost.


Does that mean they have a max amount of energy? Since they can't pick up energy orbs do they auto-recover them over time or something? 



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Every now and then my shade seems to have trouble cloaking if it's Cloaked on and off too many times without letting that "25" appear while it's idling, forcing me to use Invisibility and let it get shot to death in order to save my own squishy skin.

I think the 25 that appears is passive energy regen that it can't use while cloaked.

Unless my Sentinel's just been glitching during those moments this whole time.

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