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Collossal's Guide Of Modding (Dual Ether Swords)


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So today I will be explaining the mods on my Dual Ethers. Hopefully I will have much better luck at helping someone out then my Alchemical Warframe idea did. (Total Disaster) I generally like the ethers, even unmodded. They are pretty fast, do serrated damage and their slide dash is incredible. 150 damage! That is about 4 times the amount of one regular attack! Now lets get back to their speed. Not as fancy as flinging its user across the universe, like the Dual Zorens. (A bit of an exaggeration) Yet they still have a formidable and deadly speed. I like to start off with Pressure Point, and emphasize that serrated blade damage.(mind you all of these mods are maxed out) Then you could throw in some Fury for some extra speedy evisceration. Now what is better then killing your enemy from an extra 30 feet away? Of course Reach won't do that but you can get some extra distance off your swords. Of course we can't have this marvelous mod cooking show without a bit of Molten Impact now can we? A little spas with Shocking Touch and you are almost good to go. North wind gets rid of your enemies pesky shields. (Even in the conclaves) Now you may ask why I have Sundering Strike on there. I don't have a clue. Honestly I figured it is better than nothing right? That even proves that, while this is a very good mod setup for this weapon, it isn't the best. No you will not be able to cut the J-2000 Golem in half. But you can put some serious hurt on both your foes, and your fellow Tenno. Almost forgot, but a single bar forma is required for this mod setup. Thus the Recipe for some serious melee destruction is complete. Have fun slaughtering stuff.


The link for the Mod setup is below if you are to lazy to read.


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