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Stuck In Foundry And What (I Think) Triggers It.


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I'm aware that there are many threads about this issue but I posted this because I think I figured out what causes it.


I've gotten stuck in the foundry UI at least a dozen times since U10 and I think what causes it is entering the dojo before accessing the foundry. I've been building a lot of mutagen masses lately and every time I leave the dojo after purchasing a mutagen mass BP and access the foundry the game stops working. I can still log out but it won't log back in and I need to kill the process as simply closing warframe and opening it again gives the "app currently running" message.

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same issue here, happens EVERY time i leave the dojo, my client gets stuck on the next tab i open (aresenal, market, or foundry), when i leave the game, same issue, the client i still running on steam, confirmed its still running on task manager's processes list ("evolution engine Warframe x64*") 


have to force down the process to launch the game again.

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