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Can't Unequip Mods


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If you can't see the problems here:

1) 66 points worth of mods.

2) Two Ice Storms.

3) 9 mods.


This isn't what's ACTUALLY equipped to my weapon, it's effectively the game not unequipping the mods I told it too. Needing room to fuse Lethal Torrent up a rank, I removed my twice-fused Ice Storm and replaced it with an unfused copy. I then proceeded to get denied fusion by lack of room several times, even when I unequipped Lethal Torrent, the mod I was trying to fuse. I even used remove all to blank my weapon, but once I went to the equipped screen, all the mods were still there.


In short, the game forgot how to unequip mods some time recently. It has NO impact in-game (tested with duplicated ammo mods), but renders me unable to improve the mods on this weapon (Dual Vastos). Restarting the game does not fix it either. I've seen the topics about weapons not saving equipped mods, but this is the first instance of it not saving unequipped mods I've heard of. This is a rather troublesome bug in the mod system, so please fix it quickly.

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