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Question Regarding Fusing Mods



1.) what is more effective in upgrading? using cores? or using the same mod? (like redirection with redirection) coz i happen to notice that fusing the same mod yields bigger increase compared to non similar mods. dont know if fusion cores are better though..


2.) when it comes to prices of upgrading, what affects it? number of fused mods? fused cores? ranking a mod straight from rank 0 to max rank compared to ranking it one at a time? or everything is fixed?


3.) so far by your experience ranking a mod with high ranks (like redirection, vitality, serration, etc) from rank 0 to max rank, how much would you spend on that? both cores and credits?

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On the low-ish ranks of a mod, like the first few ranks of a Redirection, I would recommend using other Redirections and mods of the same polarity to rank it up and save your Fusion Cores for when the ranks require more to level up. Yes, you do get more points if the polarity matches the card you are fusing to, and rarity plays in as well I believe. Fusion Cores are the best for fusing, but I still think it's better to save them for tougher ranks on a mod where normal mods barely do anything to raise the fusion bar.


Mods have a fixed amount of points you have to achieve between each rank. I believe it doubles with each rank, which is why really good mods and mods with lots of ranks take so much to max out (Redirection, Serration, etc.).


I can't say for myself; I never counted. But I have seen people say it took them approximately 100~200+ Fusion Cores to get from Rank 9 to Rank 10 on a Redirection/Vitality/Serration.


Also, saving Uncommon 5 and Rare 5 Fusion Cores for high mod ranks is also very useful. They give a lot of points.

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