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Can't gift tennogen help fast

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Just now, AlexAxelAelx said:

So i have bought a syandana for me months ago and one of my friends like it so i want to gift it to him but when i click the syana it just say owned and i can't gift it

In the market there is a separate option other than buy.  It's specific for gifting.  Did you buy it for yourself and are now trying to gift it to them?

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4 minutes ago, AlexAxelAelx said:


i don't see any option here


3 minutes ago, Umbranoir said:

Tennogen items cannot be gifted in any way.

Oh, I'm dumb.  Didn't read very well.  Yea, tennogen can't be gifted.  If your friend uses steam, you could gift them there so they could purchase it themselves.  Like a digital gift card is what I mean

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