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Now You've Done It...(New Warframe Ideas)


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Light-based frame

Laser - gives 5 seconds of LASER similar to Flux Rifle. Any enemies are staggered and stunned momentarily.

Doppleganger - Creates an illusionary version of the user that follows his movements 3 steps behind. All aggro drawn by user is diverted to the doppleganger.

Globe of Mirrors - Creates an illusionary field that generates several illusionary tenno in the vicinity making it very difficult to target actual tenno.

Dazzle - Creates a cloak of scillanting colors around the user. Any enemy attempting to target the user within range is staggered and stunned momentarily.


This frame is designed to be a less crowd controlling Loki with combat control geared toward distraction rather than diversion.


Quantum-based frame

Tunnel(AKA Poof! Begone!) - target is teleported to a random location in the room and stunned similar to switch teleport.

Certainty - User's guns are 100% accurate for a period of time. Yes I know this would be insane with a Gorgon.

Uncertainty - All enemies in the same room as the user are teleported to a random location every 5 seconds for the duration of the ability.

Entanglement - A set number of enemies are entangled. When one is damaged, all receive the same amount of damage.


I may have tried a little too hard with this one to make both Certainty and Uncertainty their own abilities. The idea is that this frame would load the quantum dice in their favor.


Inertia-based frame

Push(See what I did there?) - Does the opposite of Mag's Pull and ragdolls enemies away from the user.

Forceful Blow - Supercharges the user's melee weapon. It's next swing will cause a knockdown effect to all in its path with bonus damage.

Inertia - Slows all effected enemies similar to Molecular Prime w/o the damage increase or explosions.

Detonate - Targeted enemy explodes, taking massive damage and dealing heavy damage to those nearby.


This one was hard to steer clear of crossover with Rhino or Banshee. I think I did a good job. I think this frame's ideal squishiness factor would be up there with Frost.


Radiation-based frame

Irradiate - Target received medium damage that deals half the previous amount every second for 5 seconds

Vapor Trail - Deals heavy damage to all in a straight line

Ground Zero - User punches the ground, charging it with radioactive particles. Any enemies entering the zone take heavy damage.

Flare - Sends out a slow moving wave of charged plasma that deals massive electrical damage and stagger. Similar to Frost's Ice Wave but spherical. Expands to full size over 5 seconds and then disappears.


I wasn't sure whether or not to make all of this frame's powers produce a half-life of damage or not. I am not exactly sure whether this should be a slow tanky frame or a fast high shield's frame since radiation protection usually requires a lot of mass but shield's probably deflect it rather efficiently. The joys of sci-fi. ;)


That is all I have right now. They wanted suggestions for the next frame in the live stream. Here is 4 of my attempts.

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