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Why have unsellable blueprints if they can be repurchased now


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First off, let me just say that I'm enjoying the update. Exploring the gas city with that awesome nyx deluxe has been a lot of fun.

Now unto the problem I'm having. Some time ago, either in a hotfix or mainline, DE made it so that all warframe blueprints acquired from quest could not be sold for credits (I assumed this was to combat people mistakenly selling them). It was a bit annoying because i had planned to sell the blueprints for frames i had no intention of building but it was understandable.

However with this update, one of the features that was added was the ability to repurchase quest based frame & part blueprints.

If we can now repurchase these blueprints, why keep them unsellable.

I don't post on forums at all but this problem has escalated with the introduction of the ropalolyst boss. I've just finished farming all 4 amalgam mods and also came away with 5 wisp blueprints. Let's say I decide to just build all the frames I don't want and immediately sell them afterwards, for wisp I'd have to build her 5 times just to get rid of her. That's a S#&$ tonne of hexe-whatever-its-called just for one frame.

It may seem weird that I don't want to just build her for the mastery points but I don't care about mastery rank. I have almost 3k hours and I'm only mr17. I build what I like and wisp as well as a couple of other frames aren't on that list(that's not to say these frames are bad in any way).

So please DE, for the sanity of one registered loser, make these blueprints sellable again to bring them inline with other repurchasable blueprints.

I know its not a game breaking problem but its really annoying.

Bonus: Fix reacquisition of warframes giving you duplicate base helmets please.

I hope I posted this in the correct section.

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