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Buff Ammunition Capacity For Weapon Types.


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What is the point of having 540 shots for Ogris?


I think maximum ammunition for certain types of weapon needs a buff. Here is how it should go.


#1 Buff shotgun maximum ammunition to 225.

#2 Buff Sniper ammunition to 120(especially for Miter which needs it).

#3 Ogris/Torid weapon type should be called "Explosive" and they should be using 72 maximum ammunition just like sniper rifles right now. Shared with Sniper ammo drop.

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In my opinion amount of ammo should be decreased and not increased.

- More ammo means less relevance to use melee or secondary (and vice versa).

- Ammo mods became less relevant. see current stamina system.

- Survival and defence game modes aren't good as reference, because of lack of proper AI . That means quantity of enemies over quality.

- Ammo increase cures symptomes and not origin problems of gameplay.

- logic issue, how many clips a warframe can handle?

More ammo?


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