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Mag Pneuma Skin "Chest Flag" Color change?


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After the update last night I decided to play with the colors of my Mag warframe and found that the color of the "flag" on the Mag Pneuma skin seems to be a little wonky. 

After a little testing, what seems to happen is it uses the lighter of the colors between your primary and tertiary colors, where previously it used the primary. 

Unfortunately I'm not sure if this happened before I started messing with the colors or after, and all I have in terms of a screenshot for "before" is a crappy action shot that shows the chest flag as blue on my blue primary/silver secondary mag pneuma, then what a blue/silver mag pneuma looks like now.



Here it is with the colors reversed to Silver/Blue. As you can see, the flag/cloth remains silver.


Sometimes when the cloth flaps around I see a shimmer of blue, so maybe there's some sort of overlay occurring?

Is this an intended change?

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