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In case you missed prime time: Nitain PSA Tenno. Friday May 24th Gift of the Lotus is 10 Nitain.

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Excellent. Now we can have “but 10 Nitain isn’t enough between Nightwave seasons” threads instead of “I NEED MOAR NITAIN” threads. 

It’s almost like DE have listened to the complaints and will put up an alert between seasons for people that don’t have it. Unfortunately people won’t see it that way and will still have a moan. 

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Hey, at this point im glad they kinda fess up & admit little botch ups like the dead air time between NW seasons, the Tennogen debacle on switch & even tweaking the NW Ayatan sculptures on consoles by reducing PCs to 3 & giving consoles alerts that made up the difference due to the licensing & other fun issues consoles require that prevented them from making the changes.

Its going a long way I feel & besides, frames take like 3 days to build & that was the number one complaint I felt was valid about Nitain being the PiTa it is to farm enough for to make new frames, so in the 3 days it takes to build then the time to level & forma to taste, the next NW season should be either on its way or coming close.

So yeah, glad to hear this kinda news, I may not need the stuff since ive got most of the frames I want, but this makes DE seem a little more willing to fess up & do SOMETHING to make it right besides dropping a few useless credits into accounts, or giving out useless stuff to compensate, like 10,000 plastid & neurodes & polymer bundles, or some goofy emote or a sigil I'd just sell of for credits.

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