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Warframe Idea: Funis


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SUDDEN UPDATE TO MAKE IT BETTER! Also makes it Damage 2.0 compatible.


Funis, the rope warframe. She is an expert at moving around quickly, using cables of energy to take control of enemies and sneak about in plain sight, heal allies, silently choke enemies or throw around walkways.


Base stats:


Health: 150 (450)

Shields: 100 (550)

Energy: 115 (250)

Armor: 80

Sprint Speed: 1

Mod Polarities: 4x=, 1xV, 1x—

Aura Polarity: —




Tether: Funis would tie a rope of energy around an ally, at which point you would both restore health and shields equal to half of your tether-mate's. Rhino or Frost would be good for this. It would cost 25 energy. Upgrading would increase the amount of health restored, up to three-quarters.


Catwalk: Funis would shoot one bolt upon activation. After that, you have seven seconds to aim for a second bolt, and when it hits, as long as it makes sense, (no breaking through walls!) an energy rope that you and your allies can walk on would stretch between them. It has a sort of clinging anti-gravity, so even if it's at 45 degrees, it still counts as a floor and you can still walk along it. Fusion would increase the length of the rope and the range at which you could shoot the bolts. It would cost 50 energy.


Garrote Whip: Funis would flick a rope at an enemy and wrap it around their neck, resulting in silent slash damage DoT for 5/10/15/20 seconds. Fusion would increase the range, the damage and the duration. it would cost 75 energy.


Puppetmaster: You use your energy ropes to take possession of an enemy, sort of turning into energy and moving inside them, binding ropes around them and controlling them from the inside. Other enemies see you as normal until you attack them, allowing you to have easy stealth runs. However, if you interact with things you shouldn't, they'll come after you, for example destroying the reactor, acquiring datamasses, etc. You keep your combat stats (Health, shields, etc.), but instead of your weapons and abilities, you have whatever abilities and weapons your target would have. For example, take possession of a heavy gunner? You get a Gorgon and your first power becomes a knockdown stomp. Your fourth power, however, is still puppetmaster. Upon activating it a second time, you manifest inside your enemy and expand outwards, exploding them from the inside out.



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