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My Frame became the Ropalolyst (And other interesting bugs)


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Bizarre title, but I have literally no other way to put it.

So I was grinding out the Ropalolyst, hopping to one of the platforms when I accidentally grabbed Ropa before it fired a laser. I jumped off, fell down the pit and...

This. Happened.




(Additional video here to have the glitch play in motion)

Things to note with this bug:

-I could not fire a gun, use a melee, etc.

-I could not jump or slide, just walk in circles.

-I could not grab anything.

-Falling, nor being downed does nothing to fix this. I would've tested dying to see if it would, but that slipped my mind.

-No one told me whether they could see this happening on their end or not.

-I could not breathe from how hard I was laughing.

My only guess as to what's happening is that the game thinks I am STILL on Ropa, and is thus continually playing the animation of me grabbing it to find out if Ropa is still there.

One last thing, the animations themselves just... Stopped happening altogether once Ropa died.

Instead, I got Nova to slide around on the ground.

So yeah. Took me out of the game for a few minutes, but I got a good laugh.

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