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Hosting and Lag


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Currently I'm playing on a laptop. A really good one at that, but it seems the game does not like laptops as hosts. This automatically gives every player in my party (premade or public) a few hundred extra ms. Even though I live in Scandinavia, and am always hooked up via ethernet cable (never wi-fi).

Alright, so I just shouldn't host. Sure, I'll be spamming a bit more "looking for" until someone decides to host, but whatever. But why, for the love of god, do 40% of my premade groups in the past 2 weeks, load into the mission only for the host to be force changed to me by the game?

The game gives others lag when I host, and yet when I go out of my way to prevent being the host it gets force changed to me anyway?

It's almost causing me PTSD at this point, having to tell people in Arbitrations "Yeah sorry we got f*cked by DE the moment host was shifted to me".

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