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Helmith charger colors set to default after latest update


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Latest patch fixed it! Thank you very much DE!

This latest update has messed up the colors on my Helminth charger. Before the update she looked like mint chocolate chip ice cream. Black and white with a green tinge over all with green energy color. Now she is the default white, brown, and pink. 😞 Is there any way I can get her old colors back?


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41 minutes ago, [DE]Jeremy said:

Are you able to re-apply the color through the arsenal's customization screen?

No, there's nothing there.  It says that everything is its natural color and there are no other options listed.

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Okay update, it's mostly fixed. Usually. On missions with other players, though, it changes to the pink for all of that mission then goes back to normal afterwards.
This also happens when trying on armors.

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