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So far the only thing i like from a pure geek perspective is the fact that now and then Alad will say "DESTROY THEM MY AMALGAMS" which is a perfect copy of the phrase "DESTROY HIM MY ROBOTS" which is straight from the old C64 game "Impossible Mission" said by Elvin Atombender.

Alad and Elvin are perhaps soulmates, but certainly share a liking for a robot army.

/End of geek observation.

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On 2019-05-24 at 11:38 PM, Loza03 said:

Apparently the quote 'stay a while, stay forever' is also from that game.

Alad has a taste for the classics, apparently. The really really really classic when you consider Warframes time setting.

some classics are timeless, i almost wish our warframes could do the scream when we fall down holes...

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