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Fissures bugged patch 25.0.1-25.0.2


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There are several bugs related to fissures:

If the host has terrible connection we are now to select a reward from 4 blank option since none has loaded in yet.

Another time when selecting rewards "name1 name2" appeared with a timer, followed by the rewards themsleves, but the rewards came without the timer and we (the whole party) could not exit and claim the rewards. The bad connection seemed to play a role here a well since i got the "network not responding" note.

 If you happen to e hacking during the time of the reward selection the hacking wqill still be on screen possible even preventing the selection of the rewards(i am not too sure about this could be just the confusing UI).

Also, the UI is now terrible, we have to mouseover to get any info like how many blueprints do we own or what does my teammates relic drop. What we selected is also counterintuitive, since our name no longer appears. Not to mention the terrible colors used.


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