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Analysis of the new UI: 3 steps forward, 2 back and 2 to the side?


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Considering the new UI/UX, while I have to applaud DE for taking a risk and changing things up and while there are some definite improvements, particularly things players have been asking for for years, it does seem like there have been some bad choices too.

Good points:
*We can now finally further refine relics.
*We can see, 'very slightly' better, the relic reward drop chances, although not with the wiki's precision.
*Going to Cetus through the Syndicate window seems to be much faster and to avoid the usual initial lag (could the code he be used for the star chart? Is the animation hogging memory?).
*Seeing the current standing for all syndicates is 'nice' (see the Weird points).

*Consistency with the orbiter insides.
*Bug fixes, thought no extractor re-balance, or Nagantaka IPS proc fix.
*You can now extract in endless missions, even if dead (at least in Eidolon hunts); this was not necessarily a problem, but the inconsistency with the rest of the game was jarring and lead to some instances of people being overly brave/desperate and realising that they'd lost everything and would get no rewards for all the invested time, even if they secured a squad victory through sacrifice.

Bad points:
*The new relic reward screen obscures more info than before: you now can't see what you own without hovering over each separate reward (the extra info there could be nice, but that time-limited window doesn't seem an appropriate place for it); the rewards are tiny (a bug?); the colours are less distinct and less easy to distinguish (all the same and the same as the boxes); rather than the reward indicating it rarity, now a separate bar above it takes up screen space and introduces more points to focus on. Over all, sadly a complete failure (as an upgrade).
*Roll-out bugs and hot-fixes, that aren't actually hot-fixes if they require a restart, those are critical updates.

Weird points:
*Why list ALL the relics we don't have, it clutters the screen, offers no value when making selections and the codex/inventory already handled the only use, part searching; the only reason I can imagine is constancy with the standing shops, but those things are different, you have no way to unlock a lot of the relics shown, so there's no benefit to displaying them.

*If we can't do anything but see the current standing and in some cases buy things, there isn't really much point in having it in the orbiter; let is pay in our daily standing limit/receive targets without going to the relay or Cetus.

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