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Warframe Idea: Amoveo


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(What on earth was I thinking when I first made this?)


Amoveo is a support warframe, made to boost ally's weapons to make them stronger, faster and deadlier.


Mod polarities -


Aura - Neutral

Defensive - 1

Neutral - 2

And the four polarity slots for the abilities.



Base Stats -

Health: 200 (700)

Shields: 200 (850)

Energy: 150 (225)

Armor: 125

Sprint Speed: .85



Abilities -


1: Prelude – Amoveo pulses energy through the ground, causing the land-based enemies in a small AoE to stand still in time (Stunned). Also causes sand skates to surface and be stunned.  Fusion increases the duration of the effect and the AoE – Costs 25e


2:  Bridge – Amoveo uses a pulse of electricity to calm ally’s minds, boosting their concentration and applying the same effect as Streamline, reducing energy costs by 5/10/15/20%. Fusion increases the duration of the effect and the reduction in energy cost – Costs 50 energy


3: Crescendo – Amoveo charges the bullets of ally's weapons with 75 electricity damage, syncing with whatever existing elemental damage there already is (If that's possible to do). Fusion increases the duration of the effect and the amount of damage - Costs 75 energy


4: Finale – Amoveo unleashes a massive, unrestrained burst of pure energy, which wraps around allies to give them an enormous buff. Firstly, they get a 20% damage boost on all weapons. Next, all travel-time weapons become hitscan and Ignis and Spectra have increased range. Knockdown radius on melee weapons also increases. - Costs 100 energy.



Note that when I say 'all allies", it also includes the Amoveo itself.


I made this ages ago, and it's pretty terrible, probably unsalvageable. I wish I could delete it, or if I can, I wish I knew how.

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this would be a awesome frame except we get all of those ability's from mods though the upside to this warframe is that if your the one using it then that could possible free up some mod slots for other things or you could stack the effects from both the mods and the frame so this has some interesting aspects to it. I personally think it would be cool if for the 4th ability the the vacuum was a portal that takes the bullets and then opens another portal behind the enemy making them get hit by there own fire other then that i like the idea for the frame ill give it a thumbs up.

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